Precision Pipeline Inc.

PrecisionPipelineFounded by Eldon Hale (1938-2010) in Orange County, CA in 1978, Precision Pipeline, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in water, sewer, and storm drain installation for Southern California. Our clients include public and privately held commercial businesses as well as government-owned entities (e.g. local, state, and federal), providing all types of underground utilities. No matter the client’s industry or funding, Precision Pipeline, Inc. strives to provide quality and durability for its projects as well as attentive service to its patrons.

The installation of sewer, water, and storm drains is the foundation of our firm. We have contributed to the development of pressure reducing stations, water pump stations, sewer pump stations, and landfill leachate collection. Our commitment to proper installation for every project requires consistent attention to detail and a strict commitment to safety. We have amassed staff and equipment for specialized applications and underground utility projects ranging in projects costing a few thousand dollars to multimillion-dollar developments. Backed by Eberhart Capital, LLC, Precision Pipeline, Inc. has the financial strength of a thriving multi-million dollar firm along with its knowledge and network resources.

Precision Pipeline is distinguished not only by the depth and scope of its services, but also by unmatched collaboration with municipal governments, water districts, and general contractors in providing underground services. Precision’s staff wields decades of experience implementing procedures and techniques established by the pipeline industry as well as utilizing established tools and technology to get the job done. We explore and apply the latest tools and technology to our work to keep our work product on the cutting edge of the pipeline industry. Minimally, we ensure that all specifications are met and that the utilities we install provide each client with a long lasting, cost-effective, and trouble-free system. All materials and installations meet or exceed industry regulations and Precision provides documentation of the project timeline and project compliance. Consequently, we are known for unusual effectiveness in helping clients accomplish their objectives within environments others may find daunting or unfamiliar. In addition to our usual availability, we are available 24/7 for any emergencies facing our clients.

Our knowledge, like client interests, transcends geographic boundaries. Precision Pipeline maintains a valued network of subcontractors and suppliers who assist in providing turn-key services to our customers. We preserve the integrity of our work by requiring that all subcontractors maintain current licensure and insurance coverage as well as adhere to our in-house safety program. We link our staff through an electronic infrastructure, allowing us to bring the firm’s wealth of experience and resources to bear on clients’ most demanding issues — promptly and efficiently.