OUR MISSIONcore values and business concept words in hexagons

Our mission will be to create a safe, rewarding environment with long-term employees as well as enduring and collaborative customer relationships while providing industry-leading quality.


Our vision is to be the industry leader in providing safe, high-quality, environmentally responsible municipal water pipeline construction while maintaining a strong commitment to serving our customers, developing our employees, giving back to our community, and maintaining a promising future for our company.


  • SAFETY – Employees committed to a substance-free work environment and regular evaluation of safety standards for work environment
  • PRECISION– Employees who build the Precision Pipeline, Inc. reputation with integrity by taking pride in the precision and quality of their work and by utilizing our extensive network of resources
  • INNOVATION – Employees who have an entrepreneurial spirit, are open to change, and develop creative solutions
  • LEADERSHIP – Management committed to preserving accountability professional conduct and to maintaining a safe work environment for those who get the job done
  • RESOURCES – Financial strength of a thriving multi-million dollar firm along with Precision Pipeline, Inc.’s extensive network of knowledge and resources
  • COLLABORATION – Professional team that coordinates and collaborates with customers directly as well as through subcontractors for consulting, appraisals, surveys, construction, and regulation concerns