Collaboration & Coordination

Precision Pipeline, Inc. has entered into direct subcontract agreements with other professional service providers on scores of projects. We are excellent coordinators and collaborators. We are prepared to work with subcontractors as well as at the direction of a prime contractor.


In the “right of way” business, it is impossible to work in a vacuum. Without the assistance, and often direction, of other professionals (i.e. consulting firms, contractors, and public agencies),  right of way acquisition can come to a screeching halt.

Precision Pipeline, Inc. works for and with firms involved with consulting, appraisals, surveys, construction, and regulation. Most importantly, we work for and with our clients and their designated representatives. We simply need the name of the designated contact person with whom we will work and we will take it from there. We work exceedingly well in a team environment and understand the importance of seeking and taking direction.


Many times, Precision Pipeline Inc.’s clients require the use of professionals for appraisals, surveys, utility relocation coordination, site plan drawings, environmental studies, or even demolition of structures along with the associated clearing and proper disposal of debris.

Our experience has shown that coordination of these professionals’ services with the right of way acquisition activity can significantly and positively affect project timing and efficiency. Coordination of these other professional services can improve workflow and avoid the client costly and time-consuming “re-do’s” on work and documentation that have an actual or presumed expiration date. For example, some agencies will not accept appraisals that are older than six months. New courthouse filings on titles are known to occur between the original title review and a scheduled closing date.