PrecisionPipeline-3Precision Pipeline, Inc.’s Safety Program pervades the entire company, top to bottom, side to side. Both this culture of safety as a priority and company-wide participation make Precision Pipeline, Inc. a secure place to work. Our diverse executive team is comprised of well over 60 years of industry-specific experience (e.g. municipal, private, housing, street work, concrete, pipeline, sewer storm drain, etc.).


We prioritize the safety and well being of our employees, clients, and those affected by our work product. Safety is our culture and a “round the clock” attitude promoted throughout Precision Pipeline, Inc. The culture of safety is present from the very first job walk and through the day’s production. We encourage thorough and safe job cleanup and careful drives home to family. Safety is an ingrained practice encouraged and maintained, on and off the job.


  • Efficiently complete projects within safety parameters.
  • Ensure the safety of our workforce.
  • Ensure the safety of the general public around or associated with our work.

Before a job starts, we assess the specifics and analyze the scope of work needed after which we outline safety programs to fit the job based on analysis of the scope of work.

Our safety personnel review our subcontractor’s safety and environmental programs, specifically checking for applicability, efficiency, and adequacy. Based on job site requirements, we work with subcontractors to determine appropriate implementation of our safety practices. Additionally, our safety managers follow-up with subcontractors throughout the job process to ensure compliance with all safety and environmental programs.Our safety culture is focused on keeping our workforce safe but we carefully consider our duty to the general public and our valued customers.


Starting at the top, all Precision Pipeline, Inc.’s management team members are held accountable for all activities associated with project management. Specifically, safety and environmental management are addressed in pre-employment briefings as well as periodic management training. Precision Pipeline, Inc.’s work sites are regularly visited (announced and unannounced) by corporate safety and management personnel who evaluate for performance, safety compliance, and any potentially hazardous conditions not noted before the visit.

All Foremen Have Completed Certifications In…

  • Confined Space
  • Underground Safety Awareness
  • Asbestos operations & Maintenance
  • CPR, AED and Basic First Aid
  • Excavation Safety & Competent Person


Precision Pipeline, Inc. incorporates safety and environmental evaluations as part of daily and weekly site inspections which are conducted by superintendents and project management. Additionally, these same individuals visit the sites to conduct unscheduled inspections of operations, safety, and environmental compliance.

Drug & Alcohol Program

Precision Pipeline, Inc. utilizes a drug and alcohol testing program to further monitor and maintain safety levels. All workers are subject to pre-employment testing and subsequent random testing throughout employment. Weapons (other than tools required for the performance of work) are not allowed in company vehicles or to be in the possession of workers on site. Although this testing is required by DOT for specially licensed drivers, our entire company participates to include owners, management and office staff.