Emergency Repairs

When Precision Pipeline, Inc. is notified of a leaking pipeline, it is essential that an emergency pipeline repair and action plan is ready.

The development of this repair and action plan includes the following:

  • Selection and mobilization of the most appropriate team available to manage and coordinate all remedial activities;
  • Critical survey performed ASAP, selecting the applicable survey method in order to accurately establish the exact leak location;
  • Performance of a detailed inspection of the leak site to determine full extent of damage;
  • Mobilization of appropriate equipment and resources to enable the most efficient execution of the repair;
  • Execution of the entire repair operation with a professional, effective, and committed support team.

Experience has shown that emergency repairs are often poorly executed due to a lack of expertise and support from management during the repair operation. Precision Pipeline, Inc. has strong practical experience in emergency pipeline repair work.

In an emergency, time is of the essence. Therefore, it is helpful for contractual arrangements such as service orders with Precision Pipeline, Inc. to be finalized in advance.

For Emergency Response information please contact Precision Pipeline, Inc. at 1.562.864.3875.